Sophie Pickard Animal Therapy

North Yorkshire

Physiotherapy equipment

In order to provide the highest standard of care and to give my patients the best chance of a fully effective treatment, I may advise regular use of one of my electrotherapy machines to help ensure your pet or equine remains comfortable between my treatments. 

Electrotherapies available to hire include;

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

Red light therapy 

These can be hired at a daily or weekly rate

(discounts available for weekly hire or longer term hire)

Contact for more information regarding hire of equipment - your pet must have had a minimum of one treatment session with me prior to hire of equipment - this ensures the correct settings and applications can be chosen. 

Equicore concepts - Equiband

Coming soon! 

The Equiband system® is not a training tool or gimmick!

The concept of its use for core strengthening and movement retraining in the horse is based on scientifically-researched and validated techniques used in human conditioning and rehabilitation, and on results from peer-reviewed published studies of use of the Equiband system® for equine core strengthening and movement retraining. These studies include the use of resistance bands in core muscle activation, along with individually-designed exercise programmes by veterinarians and professional therapists.


The Equiband system will be available to hire from April 2021. The complete system is available for you to use, including the 'Thoracic sling band' which cannot be bought by general public and is only available to purchase by RAMP registered physiotherapists.

The system will be fitted to your horse and an exercise plan will be discussed before the equipment is left with you for a 4 week period

A four week hire period, including fitting session, delivery and collection is £75 + deposit (deposit refunded on return of band in same condition as delivery). 

Travel charges may apply for clients residing outside 15 miles of the clinic address (HG3 4EU)