Sophie Pickard Animal Therapy

North Yorkshire

Bespoke therapeutic exercise plans designed to maximise your animals performance and comfort



My main goals when designing an exercise or rehabilitation programme are:- 

Removal of pain - pain has a detrimental effect on healing as well as your horses mental state. Pain can be a cause of a lot of behavioural issues also. Pain relief medication can be provided by your vet. However, massage therapy along with a huge array of alternative physical therapies including ice, heat, ultrasound, cold laser, photon therapy, megnetic therapy etc can all be used to reduce pain.

Restoration of range of motion - controlled exercise, stretching and massage can all help to improve range of motion. Exercises for horses can be carried out ridden or in hand.

Restoration of strength - Strength is important for prevention of injuries and maintenance of fitness. Restoring strength at the site of an injury helps the injury to heal but also to prevent the injury from recurring. Strength is achieved through increasing workload via time or intensity but this must be done gradually and carefully.

Polework can help improve range of motion, as well as balance and body awareness. The addition of a correctly placed resistance band helps with overall body awareness

A foam pad or balance mat can be used to help recruite postural muscles when used in conjunction with specific movements

bending between poles helps to improve lateral flexibility as well as proprioception

As with most things...Variety is the spice of life...


A combination of exercises is always advisable for improving fitness, condition and strength.