Sophie Pickard Equine Bodywork

North Yorkshire

The Session


The session will last for roughly an hour, please allow an hour and a half for an initial session as I will carry out a complete static and dynamic assessment of your horse's body the first time I visit. I like to see your horse walk and trot so that I can identify any areas of restriction, asymmetries and evaluate his gait.

The treatment usually starts with red light therapy which provides a form of energy to the muscle cells to warm up the tissues and relax the horse prior to the massage. A few checks are performed to identify areas of sensitivity or tension before carrying out the massage.

A typical session includes a general full-body massage with special attention to any areas of sensitivities or restriction. In addition to targeted manual techniques, you may also see me perform stretches and range of motion exercises.

Throughout the treatment I assess the health of each muscle and watch for subtle signs of pain, discomfort or sensitivity as well as the horses reaction for indications of tension relief.

I record my findings during the session and produce a report, which I email to you following the session, identifying the specific muscles or locations where issues were found and addressed as well as providing advice on adjustments to training and exercise to encourage healthy movement and conditioning.

Treating Trina's stifle in Spain.

Before your appointment


For the therapy to be most beneficial please ensure you follow this guide:

. Your horse must be dry and (ideally) clean-ish! Avoid using products such as coat conditioner or sheen. 

. Bodywork is most effective if your horse is relaxed so be sure to tie your horse in a place they are comfortable eg - where field mates can be seen if your horse gets anxious when separated and try to arrange a session during quieter periods on the yard

. If your horse has had any recent veterinary visits or lameness or is on any other treatment shedule please first obtain advice from your veterinary surgeon - massage therapy is usually very beneficial for a lot of physical conditions but there are some contraindications.

. Do any intense training at least an hour before the session as immediately following the session only long, loose, light work is encouraged.

. If you do ride your horse before the session, please allow sufficient time to cool down and dry off prior to my arrival

. Make a note of your horse's behaviour, diet, mood and performance in between sessions as any changes may be due to a physical issue which I could help to address