Sophie Pickard Equine Bodywork

North Yorkshire

What is bodywork?

Bodywork is a specific type of massage therapy which assesses and addresses each muscle to relieve tension and alleviate pain as well as ultimately helping to prevent compensatory movement and to allow muscles to develop and strengthen healthily. It incorporates specific strokes and stretches which make it unique to other forms of equine sport massage. 

Bodywork and equine massage therapy is now integrated into the healthcare routine for many horses from top level competition horses; which need to be focussed, relaxed and supple prior to competing and must return to work as quickly as possible following competitions; to leisure horses and companion horses to keep them as comfortable as possible, assess for symmetry and reduce the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries.

The session

The session will last for roughly an hour, often more, please allow an hour and a half for an initial session as I will carry out a complete static and dynamic assessment of your horse's body the first time I visit.

The treatment usually starts with red light therapy which provides a form of energy to the muscle cells to warm up the tissues and relax the horse prior to the massage. 

A few checks are performed to identify areas of sensitivity or tension before carrying out the massage. 

Throughout the treatment I assess the health of each muscle and watch for subtle signs of pain, discomfort or sensitivity as well as the horses reactions for indications of tension relief. 

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